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Adults (aged 18 & over)


Mondays (weekly)

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Other Information:

There are limited kits so please ensure you book in advance to secure your slot!


Each participant has a drum-kit to play for the duration of the class.

Each class incorporates a variety of exercises, including rhythm technique, coordination, stretches, leg-work and drum skills.

                            Running Since September 2010, Drum Fit is proven to improve mental and                             physical well-being, Drum-Fit is a fantastic way to keep fit! It doesn't matter                             whether you're an accomplished drummer or a complete beginner, these sessions are designed for all abilities and aim to provide a fun and rewarding alternative to regular exercise!

Run by the incredibly energetic and enthusiastic Janel Spalding, Drum-Fit
could be a positive addition to your weekly routine for so many reasons-
it releases unwanted tension, improves co-ordination, increases your
heart rate and provides you with the ideal opportunity to learn a
completely new skill. What better way to start the new year?!

Suitable for adults only.